Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zoie's New Cozy Coupe

Zoie sitting in her new CAR! She loves to go for rides in the car, on the golf cart and now her very own Cozy Coupe.Daddy pushing her along. They are 4-Wheeling it around the garden with both dogs.

Got to put gas in.
Eating and driving that could be dangerous. Zoie loves to eat fruit.

House Update: We are moving in SOON! We have passed all of our inspections. Our water is being turned on today for the second time (hopefully there won't be any leaks...there was a leak in the pipe from the main line to our house and we had to replace it). We have 2 more coats of poly to put on the downstairs floor and then it is cleaning and moving time. Hopefully this weekend we will get stuff moved in. We are very excited and will be so happy to have our ow
n space back.